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How To Take Care Of Your Dental Crowns?

Are you looking for ways to take care of your dental crowns? Properly taking care of your dental crowns is essential for preserving their longevity, strength, and appearance of them. Having a dental crown installed can be an expensive investment, so it’s important to spend time learning how to properly maintain the crowns in order to have them last as long as possible.

how to take care of dental crowns

Fortunately, with some simple tips and best practices, you will be able to keep your crowned teeth healthy and beautiful over time – we’ll give our professional insight on what should be done!

How To Take Care Of Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are a great way to restore function and aesthetic appearance to teeth. But like any other item, they require regular care and attention if they are going to continue looking and performing their best.

Here are some useful tips on how to look after your crowns so that they stay in optimal condition for as long as possible.

Eat The Right Food

Eating the right kinds of foods will help ensure they remain firmly in place and reduce the possibility of needing further dental work. It’s all about getting the balance between hard and soft, as crunchy vegetables or nuts can put pressure on crowns and cause them to come loose.

On the other hand, you need to avoid overly sugary foods that create bacteria that can harm an already fragile dental system. Opting for things such as yogurt, mashed potatoes, oatmeal, and soft fruits can help keep crowns secure and free from germs.

When combined with regular dental check-ups and brushing two to three times a day with toothpaste containing fluoride, taking care of crowns has never been easier.

Brushing And Flossing

Taking care of dental crowns is just as important as taking care of natural teeth. Make sure to brush and floss dental crowns daily while taking special care not to damage them.

Brushing crowns helps remove plaque, in addition to reducing the risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. As for flossing dental crowns, it can be done by gently sliding the dental floss behind and around the edges of them. Rinsing with a mouthwash that contains fluoride may also be beneficial for dental crown maintenance.

It is important to understand proper techniques for brushing and flossing crowns in order to provide long-term protection for them and your overall oral health.

Stop Doing Destructive Habits

Dental crowns are vulnerable to damage and decay, so it’s important to avoid any destructive habits that could harm them, such as grinding one’s teeth or chewing on hard surfaces like pen caps or ice cubes.  If crowns become loose or uncomfortable, contact a dentist right away for treatment.

Night Guard

Having crowns fit and functioning properly is vital for the continued strength and integrity of your teeth. One way to help preserve dental crowns is by using a night guard while sleeping.

A night guard is a specially-crafted retention device that helps keep teeth in their proper place while also preventing wear or damage to crowns. The prevention of grinding during sleep provides a significant boon to crown preservation overall, as crowns are much more prone to wear compared to natural teeth.

Seeking out professional advice on the fitting, use, and maintenance of a night guard can bring peace of mind to those seeking extra protection for crowns placed far back in the mouth.

Visit A Dentist Regularly To Check Your Dental Crowns

The crown itself may require periodic adjustment, replacement, or repair so frequent dentist visits are essential for keeping the crowns in good condition. Regular cleanings and check-ups will help prevent problems such as gum irritation or crown damage.

Visiting a dentist twice yearly is an effective way to ensure that your dental crowns remain healthy, as they will be able to detect any signs of early decay or infection before they become problematic. In addition to that, they can also provide advice on how to properly care for crowns and keep them strong.

Taking care of your crowns is just as crucial as taking care of your natural teeth; regular dental visits and gentle hygiene practices can go a long way toward preserving and maintaining optimal oral health.

Start Your Dental Crowns Journey With Absolute Dental Care

Dental crowns are a necessary investment to make and you want to do whatever it takes to take care of them. Be sure to eat the right foods, brush, and floss regularly, stop any bad habits that may damage your dental work, use a night guard if needed, and visit Absolute Dental Care at least twice a year. With proper care, your dental crowns should last for many years!

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