Digital dentistry

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We Offer Digital Dentistry for Gummy Smiles

Digital dentistry

Digital dentistry provides you and your dentist with an accurate diagnosis, faster and more affordable treatments, and less use of mechanical equipment, providing you with a comfortable experience, start to finish.

Digital X-rays

Using optical face scanners, we can produce a high-resolution image of your teeth. This allows us to create highly accurate dental impressions, far quicker than ever before.

We can view, print and share these scans while you’re in the chair, helping you clearly understand your diagnosis and treatment options.

Using a small, comfortable sensor, we will take images of teeth, bone and roots to identify oral conditions such as decay, bone loss, fractures and tumours. The images instantly appear on the monitor ready for you to review with Dr Rollason.

Digital X-rays also emit up to 80% less radiation than traditional dental radiographs, making them the safest way to perform oral scans today.

Intraoral cameras

These digital cameras allow us to get a clear and accurate view of your mouth, with images magnified on a screen in real-time. Our patients often feel more at ease knowing what the dentist is doing, and helps patients understand the issues clearly and visually while sitting comfortably in the chair.

Intraoral cameras can often reach places in the mouth that other technology or mechanical tools cannot, and identify problems that may not be obvious to the dentist or patient without the camera.

Digital design tools

We also use digital design tools that allow us to design and manufacture dental restorations (for example porcelain crowns, bridges, or veneers) with greater efficiency than ever before.

In the past, this was a slow procedure that required multiple visits to the dentist. Today, using computer-aided tools, we can do same-day tooth restorations.

Digital Records

Your records are now stored on a fully encrypted server, ready for Dr Rollason to quickly access your x-rays and periodontal charting from one visit to the next. This means less paperwork, less impact on the environment, and far quicker comparisons that will help us identify oral health changes and identify potential issues early.

Rotary Endodontics

Since root canal therapy can be a complex procedure, we use Rotary Endodontics to reduce the time you spend in the chair while simultaneously improving the outcome.

This technology uses small flexible tips to completely clean out the infected canals and promote healing.

Televisions in Rooms

Our high definition TVs allow you to focus on your favourite show, beautiful vistas or take a virtual trip around the world, providing you with a welcome distraction while we do our thing.

Laser Dentistry

At the home of needle-free dentistry, you can also say goodbye to drills and scalpels. Laser can remove decay and preserve more of the healthy tooth structure. Many laser treatments are totally pain-free and do not require an anaesthetic.

Laser treatment can heal soft tissue without stitches too. Plus, healing times are often faster and more comfortable.

Benefits of digital dentistry

Accurate diagnoses – we can now get a much more detailed and clearer image of your entire mouth, allowing us to identify issues in early stages and provide better diagnosis and more suitable treatments.

Save time and money

Digital dentistry allows us to diagnose and provide treatments in a fraction of the time – often the same day – reducing the need for repeat visits and longer appointment times. There’s no need to wait days for scans to come back. It all happens in minutes, while you’re in the chair.

More comfortable

Digital dentistry, there’s no need for uncomfortable equipment to be placed in the mouth. 3D scanners have replaced physical impressions, which means no more biting on foul-tasting rubber, no more trays inserted into your mouth, and no more mess.

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