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Dental Crowns & Bridges in taringa

Solutions for Broken and Missing Teeth

Your smile is one of your greatest assets. Our Brisbane dental clinic offers solutions for a healthy, comfortable smile.

Are You Tired of Missing Teeth Ruining Your Smile?

Crowns and Bridges

Teeth face a number of risks each day – chewing, bruxism and trauma to name a few. Many people will experience a broken tooth or tooth loss over the course of their lives. Fortunately, tooth damage or a missing tooth does not mean the end of a beautiful and fully functioning smile. Dental crowns and bridges provide a natural-looking solution that helps with normal speech and eating, as well as give you your smile back.

dental crown

Dental Crowns to Improve and Repair Teeth

Broken teeth can look unattractive, and they can also become unstable. A dental crown restores both the strength and appearance of the broken tooth, adding years to the tooth’s function. Dental crowns also improve the appearance of teeth that have unsightly imperfections or discolouration.

To prepare for a dental crown, Dr Paul Rollason will anaesthetise and reshape the tooth, making space for the dental restoration. In most cases, a tooth-coloured ceramic dental crown is an excellent choice for patients who wish to maintain a seamless look to their smiles. 

In some cases, blended or full gold crowns will provide greater durability for patients with a bruxism habit or who have a strong bite.

After removing any decay from or damage to the tooth structure, Dr Rollason will take an impression of the tooth and bite to instruct our trusted dental technicians on the proper size and shape of the crown. He will match the shade and colour of your teeth and place a temporary crown to protect the tooth until your final crown arrives.

At the next visit, Dr Rollason will fit the crown to your tooth, bond it permanently and make any final adjustments for a comfortable and even bite.

With common sense caution, like not chewing on ice or hard candy, and excellent oral hygiene, your crown can last many years.

Dental Bridges to ‘Bridge the Gap’ in Your Smile

Like dental crowns, dental bridges require reshaping of the natural teeth in order to place two dental crowns to secure an artificial tooth in place. The artificial tooth, called a pontic, will fill the gap between teeth and maintain the alignment.

Filling the space left by a missing tooth will prevent a number of oral health problems caused by shifting teeth – a misaligned bite, uneven wear and even tooth fractures due to an uneven load caused by the force of chewing.

Dental bridges rely on healthy teeth and gums and require some special attention to keep them clean. Our hygiene team will demonstrate how to clean around your bridge using special floss or a small dental brush.

A Healthy Smile Awaits

At Absolute Dental Care, we welcome you to contact us to arrange an appointment. Our Brisbane dental clinic warmly welcomes new patients and offers the latest technology to make your visits both comfortable and efficient.

We look forward to seeing your smile.

Please note the following:

  • All our crowns are 100% made in Australia 
  • All our crowns come with a 10 year guarantee on the proviso that patients have regular 6 month active maintenance appointments

We welcome you to get in touch to arrange your consultation today.

Meet Our Doctor

Paul Rollason BDSc (Hons) QLD

Principal Dentist

Born and raised in Brisbane, Dr Paul Rollason knew he wanted to be a dentist in grade six when he met and grew to admire his orthodontist. The idea of working with families and being hands-on with patients appealed to both his personal connection with people and his interest in dental science.

He was told in grade seven that he wouldn’t be good enough, but he has never been one to turn away from a challenge. He set about finding ways to get what he wanted. He enjoys using his hands

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