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At Dentist Indooroopilly, we take great pride in providing exceptional dental services for people of all ages in the Indooroopilly area. Whether we’re nurturing the dental well-being of children or ensuring that the elderly maintain optimal oral health. Our team is dedicated to helping our patients achieve beautiful, confident smiles that brighten their lives.

Conveniently located in the heart of Indooroopilly, our state-of-the-art clinic offers a perfect blend of accessibility and excellence. We understand the challenges of your busy schedule and are committed to making your dental visit as convenient and stress-free as possible.

Take the first step toward revealing your radiant smile by booking an appointment with us today. Experience the unmatched attention and expertise that set Dentist Indooroopilly apart as the preferred destination for outstanding dental services in Indooroopilly.

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Empowering Treatment Plans

Our committed team delivers thorough treatment plans, ensuring your comprehension of the available choices and enabling you to make well-informed decisions.

Step into Our Dental Family

Absolute Dental Care is dedicated to crafting a warm and inviting atmosphere that ensures you are embraced as a cherished member of our dental family. Our amiable team fosters significant connections rooted in trust and authentic concern.

Your Journey to Optimal Oral Health

Get top-notch dental care at Absolute Dental Care, where our dedication to delivering customized, high-quality treatments with cutting-edge techniques and technology is unwavering.

Long-Term Wellness for Your Smile

Our primary focus is on sustaining your long-term oral health while equipping you with preventive care knowledge and strategies. Seize command of your dental well-being and savor a lifetime filled with healthy smiles.



Seamless Convenience for Your Dental Journey

We provide convenient booking choices, such as flexible evening appointments, at our centrally situated practice, guaranteeing easy access for you to focus on your oral health without any inconvenience.

Elevating Your Dental Care Experience

Embark on a comfortable dental experience through our state-of-the-art technology, providing precise diagnoses and efficient procedures to ensure your utmost comfort and optimal results.

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Crowns & implants
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“You’ll feel really relaxed when you come here… being educated about how to look after your teeth and why it’s a really important thing for your health.”



“Everyone here is really nice and lovely, and it’s not a painful experience… I’m less anxious.”



“We trusted Paul and the girls and I wouldn’t, and my husband wouldn’t go anywhere else.“



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We hear you … check out the following:

In a word, lasers. Dr Paul has done extensive studies into the world of dental lasers – his skills in this area are unmatched by most other dental practices.

Safe and sound lasers allow us to put away the drill and gently laser any teeth requiring repair. 95% of our patients don’t require a needle for such work because the laser is not painful.

We know that not everyone likes going to the dentist, but thanks to our needle-free dentistry, the experience at Absolute Dental Care is different to most dental practices. Once they get used to not having to worry about going to the dentist, our patients come to look forward to a visit with our friendly team.

When you’re in the dental chair, you’re in control. We’re constantly checking in with you every step of the way and we always explain what’s happening so you can relax.

Yes, we except a wide range of health insurance options but we don’t require health insurance for you to become a patient.

The focus at Absolute Dental Care is on prevention rather than cure – and in the long run, this definitely reduces your costs.

If you do require more substantial treatment, we’ll prepare you a details treatment plan so you’re fully informed about the treatment costs including what your options are. We also often payment plans so that you can get the treatment you want now without having to wait.