Tooth-Coloured Fillings

Fillings are the most common dental restoration in children, but plenty of adults face dental decay each year. Until recent decades, a filling meant a dark, amalgam restoration to repair and protect a tooth after a cavity. Today, however, we offer nearly invisible tooth-coloured fillings in our Taringa dental surgery.

What Are the Benefits of Tooth-Coloured Fillings?

In addition to their aesthetic appearance, tooth-coloured fillings have a number of other benefits.

Conservative treatment – Unlike amalgam (silver) fillings, tooth-coloured fillings bond directly to teeth without removing a significant amount of the healthy tooth structure. This makes it less likely that the tooth will split or crack due to a substantial restoration.

Mercury-free option – While the minimal amount of mercury used in amalgam fillings is generally considered safe, many patients feel more secure with a mercury-free alternative.

Less affected by temperature – Metal alloys are good conductors of temperature, and metal fillings often feel more sensitive. They are also prone to the expansion and contraction because of changes in temperature, which can damage the restoration and the tooth.

Cosmetic bonding – For small imperfections and flaws, tooth-coloured filling material, called composite, can reshape teeth by bonding directly to the tooth. The wide variety of colours available ensures a seamless result.

How We Diagnose Dental Decay

Dental decay will continue to spread without appropriate treatment and can eventually involve the nerve fibres in the tooth. Extensive decay can require root canal therapy. At Absolute Dental Care, we strive to detect dental decay in the early stages. Since it is not always visible with a visual exam alone, digital dental x-rays make it possible to diagnose decay hidden from the naked eye.

Digital dental x-rays are lower in radiation by up to 80 per cent over traditional dental radiographs.

Once Dr Paul Rollason detects decay, he will recommend the appropriate restoration to repair the tooth, which usually includes a dental crown, filling, inlay or onlay.

Tooth-Coloured Filling Treatment

Sometimes, if we detect decay in its earliest stages, no anaesthetic will be necessary, especially when using a dental laser to remove decay. We will discuss your options, and if the decay is deep, we will numb the tooth before we begin.

Dr Rollason will then remove all decayed tooth structure and place an anti-microbial agent to eradicate any microorganisms. A bonding agent will prepare the tooth to seal securely with the composite material, which will match your natural tooth colour. He will then place the composite in layers, hardening it with a curing light.

Once the cavity is filled, Dr Rollason will polish and shape the final layer for a comfortable bite and natural appearance.

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