Laser Dentistry

Soft tissue surgery became far more precise and comfortable with the introduction of laser dentistry. We are proud to offer this modern dental procedure in our Taringa dental clinic.

Periodontal Treatment Using Lasers

Bacteria beneath the gumline causes irritation and inflammation, causing an infection. Laser dentistry removes bacteria from the gums and promotes healthy tissue regeneration while preserving healthy tissue as well as the tooth structure.

Treating Dental Decay with Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry offers increased comfort, better results and decreased treatment times. Lasers are much gentler on the tooth, causing less stress on the tooth structure, and are far more conservative than traditional dentistry methods. Lasers kill bacteria immediately and reduce the need for the dental drill. As many as 95 per cent of people can undergo treatment without the need for any anaesthetic.

Do You or Your Child Have a Tongue Tie?

This procedure is often carried out in hospital under general anaesthetic. Here at Absolute Dental Care, this procedure can be done very easily with laser and often with little or no anaesthetic at all, or using just topical anaesthetic.

What Is Tongue-Tie?

A tongue tie is when a band of tissue under the tongue is too tight and restricts movement of the tongue. It can affect a child’s ability to breastfeed or bottle feed and may even affect speech. Sometimes the band will break and free the tongue. But sometimes it doesn't, and the child may need to have a small procedure called a frenectomy

At your initial consultation with Dr Rollason, he will explain all about the procedure and the benefits of having the treatment done to correct a tongue-tie. He will answer any of your questions and concerns that you may have. Once you are comfortable with the treatment, Dr Rollason can complete the treatment in this same visit.

The procedure is carried out using the laser, which cuts and seals the tissue at the same time. There is instant release for tongue movement for the patient. Instead of needles, we can use an anaesthetic cream (however it is much easier for the patient to have a small amount of anaesthetic to make it more comfortable), and you can also be with your child whilst the procedure takes place.

Most patients describe the procedure as similar to the feeling of a rubber band flicking on the skin and afterwards there may be a little scab underneath the tongue. There is no follow-up required, and we recommend no acidic foods until it is fully healed.

Gingival Contouring

A gummy smile or excess gum tissue can make the teeth appear short. Laser dentistry can reshape the gums, and dental restorations improve the length of the teeth.

If you have any queries or would like to book in for this procedure, please don’t hesitate to contact the surgery on (07) 3870 1300.