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Advantages of tooth-coloured fillings vs. other filling materials

The easiest way to treat a dental cavity is to get a filling done. A “dental filling” essentially means your dentist will remove the decayed portion of the tooth and put a ‘filling’ in that portion.

Now the material he puts in instead can be made of several compounds like gold, silver amalgam, or composite. All the materials used for filling tooth-coloured fillings are the best as these are long-lasting and safer for your teeth. Some of the reasons why you should use tooth-coloured filings are as follows.

Increases the strength of your teeth

When you opt for tooth-coloured fillings, you can be assured that your dentist will remove only the minimum amount of tooth required to place the filings. As these fillings are made of composite materials, your dentist can easily make the filings into the shape and form of the tooth removed by your dentist to place the filling. In the case of metal filings, he will have to remove more of the tooth to make space for the fillings. But in the case of the tooth-coloured fillings, he can keep most of your natural tooth, which strengthens your tooth and gives more security to all your teeth. In addition, this makes the tooth-coloured fillings better compared to other filling materials.

Tooth-coloured fillings are long-lasting

Sometimes patients feel that silver amalgam fillings are suitable because they are long lasting. But you will be happy to know that tooth-coloured fillings also last very long. However, you will have to maintain good oral hygiene to ensure that your fillings stay on and do not get damaged. You must brush your teeth regularly and floss these after a meal. You will have to visit the dentist as per the schedule and find that your fillings can last fifteen years. Sometimes, in metal fillings, you might have to make unscheduled visits to the dentist to ensure that the fillings are in place and are not damaged.

Non-toxic fillings

What most patients don’t know is that many fillings contain toxic materials like mercury which can cause harm to your body, especially if the fillings start getting damaged. You do not want mercury slowly leaking from the fillings into your bloodstream. But with tooth-coloured fillings, you can be assured that there will be no such issue as the fillings are made from composites. These are entirely made from materials like acrylic or ceramic, which are harmless. If the fillings are made of composite resin, it is better as they are entirely harmless even if ingested.


One of the primary reasons you should opt for tooth-coloured fillings is that these give you a natural look. When you choose metal fillings, no matter how expensive these are, they will not give you a natural or an aesthetic appeal. When you opt for a tooth-coloured filling, it will blend with your teeth and enhance your smile. Your smile is one of the most appealing features of your face, and hence, you need to ensure that the filling you choose enhances it. Even if the filling is exposed when you smile, it will not be distinguishable if you opt for a tooth-coloured filling. Thus, the best way to retain your smile’s natural look and appeal would be to opt for a tooth-coloured filling.

Quick placement of the filling

If you want the filling to be done quickly, it is always best to opt for a tooth-coloured filling. You will find that a composite filling is always available at a dentist’s chamber, and he can do the filling with the application of local anaesthesia. He will remove the decayed portion of the tooth, clean the area and apply the filling. He will then put the tooth under curing light to complete the process. When you opt for a tooth-coloured filling, you can be assured that the process will fast, and you will be relieved of pain quickly. A quick recovery and healing makes these fillings a suitable choice for everyone.

Better bone health

It bonds better with your tooth because it goes on top of your teeth and bonds with the surrounding dentition. But in the case of a metal filling, sometimes healthy bone has to be removed. This is dangerous for the overall bone health of your tooth and can weaken your tooth. Moreover, it can damage the adjacent teeth in the long run, and hence, it is always better to opt for a tooth-coloured filling, if possible, rather than remove bone.

Thus, if you have to undergo fillings for multiple teeth, you should discuss with your dentist the best option you have. It is always better to select tooth-coloured fillings as you can be assured that these will last longer with essential maintenance and will not be distinguishable as fillings.

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