Absolute Dental Care

Paul Rollason BDSc (Hons) QLD

Principal Dentist


Born and raised in Brisbane, Dr Paul Rollason knew he wanted to be a dentist in grade six when he met and grew to admire his orthodontist. The idea of working with families and being hands-on with patients appealed to both his personal connection with people and his interest in dental science.

He was told in grade seven that he wouldn't be good enough, but he has never been one to turn away from a challenge. He set about finding ways to get what he wanted. He enjoys using his hands to help people by getting them out of pain and putting a smile on their faces.

Paul obtained the Baden Powell Award in Scouting in 1998 – the highest award in the Rover Section.

Paul started in the practice as an associate in 1996 and managed the practice for 10 years before purchasing it off the owner in 2006.

When he is away from the dental surgery, you will often find Paul enjoying many fun and enriching activities.

  • Spending time with his family
  • Trains of all sizes
  • Model trains
  • Model-building
  • Restoring his two full-size railway carriages for use back on the main line
  • Scouting (Paul helps manage Brisbane South Region, especially in the areas of​ adventurous activities.)
  • Photography
  • Gardening
  • Ballroom dancing (non-competitive)

Paul is also a founding member of the Scouts Queensland Health Fellowship.

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