Every year, millions of teeth are injured or lost due to trauma and injuries during sport.

By investing in a sports mouth guard (also spelled mouthguard) for yourself or your child, you could be saving yourself costly dental visits in future.

Here at Absolute Dental Care in Taringa, Brisbane we work towards keeping our patient’s smiles healthy and complete. Although we do provide restorative dentistry with crowns, bridges and other restorations, prevention is always the better option rather than replacing and repairing lost or damaged teeth.

Trauma from injuries to the face and teeth during sport can be considerably painful and expensive to repair. In severe cases, trauma to the face may lead to concussion and even end a sports career.

Paul Rollason

Protect you and your family’s teeth for life with mouth guards

Do you or someone in your family play contact sports? Than a mouth guard should be a non-negotiable asset. Sports mouth guards have a number of benefits for the wearer.

Benefits of wearing a sports mouth guard

  • Reduces chances of tooth loss
  • Prevents cuts and bruises during impact
  • Reduces chance of mandibular jaw injuries
  • Believed to reduce the occurrence of neck injuries
  • Prevents tooth fractures and misalignment
  • Protects your teeth from trauma
  • Protects your jaw from impact

Sports mouth guards for kids and adults

The best time to wear a sports mouth guard is during training and sporting events. Most commonly patients need a sports mouth guard for contact sports such as:





Mouth guards for kids and adults with braces

Do you or your child have braces? Orthodontic treatment can get damaged during contact sports and can even cause injury to other players. Take time to protect you or your child’s braces, teeth and gums with a custom designed mouth guard for braces.

How is a dentist prescribed mouth guard different to an over the counter mouth guard?

Although a store purchased mouth guard can provide some protection for the patient, a mouth guard prescribed by a dentist is custom fitted. This means that the design and fit of the mouth guard will be able to provide a more comfortable and protective fit for the wearer.

At Absolute Dental Care your mouth guard will be designed from an impression in a mold taken from the shape of your teeth and gums.

A custom-made mouth guard from Absolute Dental Care is designed to suit the mouth of the wearer and fabricated using strong durable materials to protect the teeth, gums and jaw from impact during sports.