Maintaining periodontal health (the health of your gums, the jaw bone that supports your teeth and the ligaments that support your teeth within the jaw bone) is very important.

Periodontal disease is classified as Gingivitis (gum disease) and Periodontitis (jaw bone disease). Gingivitis is when the disease is confined to, and affects the gums, and periodontitis is when the disease affects the jaw bone, ligaments and gums. Gum disease and jaw bone disease are painless—most people are not even aware that they have the condition. Symptoms can vary from mild to severe bleeding, mobile teeth or may not be apparent at all until they are discovered by the dentist.

With periodontal disease you can be faced with not only dental problems, but also a range of effects can occur throughout the body. This is when the toxins from the bacteria enter the blood stream and the body then reacts. There can be effects with:

Heart Disease

  • The risk of fatal heart disease is twice as high for patients with severe gum and bone disease


  • Type 2 diabetics are 3 times more likely to develop gum disease
  • There is decreased glycemic control (control of blood glucose levels)
  • Diabetics with periodontal disease have a 7.5x greater mortality rate than diabetics with no periodontal disease

Premature Birth

Pregnant women with severe gum and bone disease are:

  • 7x more likely to have a premature baby
  • More likely to have a lower birth weight baby


  • Advanced gum and bone disease can increase the risk of stroke by over 50% in adults aged 25-54